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Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church
Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod

Education Podcasts

Jesus invited them, saying, Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.
(Luke 18:16)

God loves you. Do you have children? God loves your children too. God gave to all humanity a book, the Bible, in which He tells us how He loves us. Over and over again He shows His love. Ultimately He showed His love by sending Jesus to the Savior of the world. Jesus is your Savior, too.

In these Education Podcasts listen to the Bible History lessons, read by the people of Salem church for you. Listen to God tell you of His love for you from the pages of the Bible.

Each week there will be a new Bible History lesson for you and your family. Please come back often to listen and learn.

Jump to the most recent lesson.

Podcasts are also avalable on these services

Lesson 1: Creation
Bible Text: Genesis 1:1–2:7

Lesson 2: The Garden Of Eden
Bible Text: Genesis 2:8–25

Lesson 3: The First Sin
Bible Text: Genesis 3:1–6

Lesson 4: The Promise Of The Savior
Bible Text: Genesis 3:7–24

Lesson 5: Cain And Abel
Bible Text: Genesis 4:1–16,25

Lesson 6: The Flood
Bible Text: Genesis 6–7

Lesson 7: The Rainbow Of Promise
Bible Text: Genesis 8–9

Lesson 8: The Tower Of Babel
Bible Text: Genesis 11:1–9

Lesson 9: God Calls Abraham
Bible Text: Genesis 12:1–8

Lesson 10: The Parting of Abraham And Lot
Bible Text: Genesis 13:2–18

Lesson 11: God Promises Abraham a Son
Bible Text: Genesis 15:1 – 18:15

Lesson 12: Sodom And Gomorrah
Bible Text: Genesis 18:16 – 19:28

Lesson 13: God Tests Abraham's Faith
Bible Text: Genesis 21:1 – 22:13

Lesson 14: Issac And Rebekah
Bible Text: Genesis 24:1 – 25:10

Lesson 15: Issac Blesses Jacob
Bible Text: Genesis 25:19 – 27:41

Lesson 16: Jacob's Flight
Bible Text: Genesis 27:42 – 29:13

Lesson 17: Jacob's Safe Return
Bible Text: Genesis 29:14 – 33:20

Lesson 18: Joseph And His Brothers
Bible Text: Genesis 37:2-11

Lesson 19: Joseph Sold By His Brothers
Bible Text: Genesis 37:12-36

Lesson 20: Joseph In Potiphar's House
Bible Text: Genesis 39:1-20

Lesson 21: Joseph In Prison
Bible Text: Genesis 39:21 – 40:23

Lesson 22: Joseph Made Ruler
Bible Text: Genesis 41

Lesson 23: Joseph's Brothers Come to Egypt
Bible Text: Genesis 42

Lesson 24: Joseph Makes Himself Known
Bible Text: Genesis 43:1 – 45:15

Lesson 25: Jacob In Egypt
Bible Text: Genesis 45:16 – 50:21

Lesson 26: The Early Life Of Moses
Bible Text: Exodus 1:1 – 2:10

Lesson 27: God Calls Moses to Lead Israel
Bible Text: Exodus 2:11 – 4:31

Lesson 28: Moses Before Pharaoh
Bible Text: Exodus 5 – 10

Lesson 29: The Passover
Bible Text: Exodus 11 – 14

Lesson 30: God Gives The Law
Bible Text: Exodus 16 – 31

Lesson 31: The Golden Calf
Bible Text: Exodus 32 – 34

Lesson 32: The Spies
Bible Text: Numbers 13:1 – 14:33

Lesson 33: The Brazen Serpent
Bible Text: Numbers 21:4-9

Lesson 34: Israel Enters Canaan
Bible Text: Deuteronomy 31:14 – Joshua 5:15

Scripture quotations are from the Holy Bible, Evangelical Heritage Version® (EHV®)
© 2019 Wartburg Project, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.