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Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church
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Dr. Martin Luther

The Lutheran Reformation

On October 31, 1517, Dr. Martin Luther began a reformation of the Christian Church. This brought the church back to what Christ and the Apostles taught, centered on these three principles:
Luther Seal
Faith Alone We are saved by faith alone, not by works which people must perform to earn salvation. The gift of Heaven is ours through belief in Christ as Savior, and this faith is given by the Holy Spirit.
Grace Alone God's salvation for mankind is a free gift, won for all by Christ on the cross. God did this purely out of love for all. We deserve none of it, but God in His love for mankind saved us.
Word Alone We learn of this salvation, and of God Himself, from one source: The Holy Bible. We do not rely on teachings created by mankind, but only on the very Word of God, The Holy Bible.

An Evening With Martin Luther

In 2017, Salem member Dr. Dwight Johnson began a thorough study of the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther. In Dwight's words:
On a cold morning in January 2017, I was sitting security for the preschool that my grandson was attending when I realized that this was the 500 anniversary of the posting of the 95 Theses. In order to honor the anniversary, I thought that I would look for a one man one act play about Dr. Martin Luther. In my research I could not find a one man play about Dr. Martin Luther. Thus began my research into Dr. Martin Luther and his life as I took on the challenge of sitting my own. A main inspiration for writing this play was that I felt that we have forgotten who Dr. Martin Luther was and his contribution to history. His intellect, his courage, his stubbornness, his love for our Lord and Savior as well as his love for the people around him was truly inspiring. Let us not forget his love for the scriptures that contributed to his excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church.
Let us get to know Dr. Martin Luther again with his writings and stories that caused the Reformation. The play takes us to September 30, 1544 for An Evening With Martin Luther.
Luther Speaks - Act I

Luther Sings - Act II

Act I Luther Speaks

Dr. Martin Luther walks in and sits down at his writing table and then starts talking to a student [audience] about his life. The play is about Dr. Martin Luther as he is asked some personal questions. The student tries to understand the man he dearly looks up to. This conversation takes place on 30 September 1544 just after Martin Luther has published his thoughts on the Holy Sacraments. Act I has been performed and is in the process of being filmed.

Act II Luther Sings

In November 2020, Dr. Johnson premiered the second act of his play An Evening With Martin Luther entitled Luther Sings. The Lord not only reformed the teachings of the Christian Church through Dr. Luther, He also led Dr. Luther to reform the worship of the church.

Dr. Martin Luther Encouraging a Pastor

In 2020, as COVID-19 affected the world, Salem produced a vignette Dr. Martin Luther Encouraging a Pastor. In this short video, Luther shares with our pastor some of the same struggles he faced 500 years ago when the bubonic plague threatened Europe and the world.

Scripture quotations are from the Holy Bible, Evangelical Heritage Version® (EHV®)
© 2019 Wartburg Project, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.